About Me

In 2009, I read the first four books of A Song of Ice and Fire.  In 2011, I read a Dance with Dragons.  For many sad years thereafter, I toiled in the real world with nary a visit to the Seven Kingdoms.  One fine day, some heroic podcasters saved me from my dreary fate.  I stumbled upon Radio Westeros, The History of Westeros, Game of Owns, and the Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire.  Eventually, I gave in and joined #twitteros.

And now I find myself here.  Because folks demand proof for my crazy ideas and there just isn’t enough space on Twitter.  Also, writing about magic entertains me.

By day, I am a lawyer and political consultant. So, don’t be surprised when I write things like “marshal my evidence” or “motive and opportunity.”  I am a huge nerd.

I started this page to share In the Shadow of the Titan, my work-in-progress essay about the magic of the Faceless Men.  Check out the introduction here.